Monday, June 15, 2009

Sea fleet is a story that take place in the year 2025.In 1973 a E.R.A.( Energy resources Agency )founded by the United Nation was exploring the ocean floor for alternate energy resources.It came across an alien base cities and hostility began
to engulf between the two race.A Sea fleet organization was establish to insure the security of it territory.An alien race that have the technology to generic mutation small sea creatures to sea monster.In the back ground of all this event a secret society of human have been providing assistance to these aliens since the fall of Atlantic.Theses conspirator have been influencing human history in the foreground to bring about "New World Order".A fail attempt by some tyrants in politic and religions.Sea fleet intelligence is aware of their presence in the conflicts.

while all this series of events is engulf within the region a submarine 101 Hedison stand out of all the sea fleet brave sea crew.Commanded by Richard Nelson a descendant Of Horatio Nelson a British war hero of the Royal Navy of the past.
A secret dairy of Horatio have been pass through generation of well trusted families of what he knew about the enemies of his time and eventually bring about his untimely death.

101 Hedison submarine is one of it kind to have alien technologies to fight the alien threat that is about to unfold. it is equip with a hyper vertex drive to short distance travel across the ocean deep and it weaponry systems is combine of well effective arsenal under water battle engagement.

As for the Hyper drive vertex Communications protocol Richard Nelson slang it "Hopper her" which it became most popular use phrase by other sub captain.

WITH hope and blessing this series will appeal to all sci-fi fans.